Staff Group Photo Nov11Bugs for Bugs employs about 15 people.

We are proud of the contribution this makes to the rural community of Mundubbera.

Our staff come from diverse backgrounds and are all dedicated to the work we do to help reduce the world's dependence on pesticides.

Dan Papacek

Dan inspecting the aphytis production at the insectaryDan graduated from the University of Queensland in 1978 with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons 1) majoring in entomology. After graduation he started working on IPM for citrus in Mundubbera. He and his wife Anne started the business that would become Bugs for Bugs in September 1981. Dan was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2001 for service to the citrus industry and IPM. In addition to his work, Dan enjoys flying, riding motorcycles, playing squash and swimming.



Wes Allen

Wes co-ordinating the supply of Aphytis wasps to our growers Wes grew up and completed his schooling in Mundubbera, joining our team in2003. He is our Administration Manager. Wes handles 

phone enquiries, oversees despatch and ensures the smooth running of our operation. His helpful nature makes him popular with our customers. Wes graduated with a Bachelor of Business degree with the University of Southern Queensland while working at Bugs for Bugs.

Estelle Prendergast

Estelle with her Aphytis cultureEstelle has worked with us since 1991 making her our longest-serving team member. She has meticulously cared for our Aphytis culture for many years. Estelle takes great pride in her work and assists in other aspects of the insectary where she can. She has lived in Mundubbera for almost 25 years and is very community-minded. In her spare time she cares for her grandchildren.

Trevor Wernecke

Trevor keeps all our equipment in good orderTrevor has lived all his life in Mundubbera and is a Boilermaker by profession. We have benefited from his talents since 1991. Trevor is an outstanding tradesman and is responsible for all the unusual equipment we require to breed large numbers of insects for our customers. He can turn his hand to almost anything. Trevor designs and fabricates our equipment, maintains our vehicles, welds to perfection and is generally invaluable. He enjoys fishing and camping in his spare time.

Janelle Ihle

Janelle stamping out sheets of Trichogramma waspsJanelle started working with us in 1999, and recently celebrated 13 years with Bugs for Bugs. She quickly demonstrated a talent for insect rearing and does a marvellous job of maintaining cultures of Trichogramma, scale insects, Chilocorus, and a plethora of 'pet cultures'. Janelle is very conscientious and treats her charges as if they were her children. Janelle loves anything to do with bugs and decorates her workplace with toy ladybirds of all shapes and sizes.

Corine Vink

Corine with the Lacewing cultureCorine is from the Netherlands, where she studied History at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. She now lives in Mundubbera, having worked with us since 2004 and is a valuable member of our team. Since joining Bugs for Bugs, Corine has completed a Graduate Certificate in Entomology with the University of Queensland. Corine is a very multi-skilled staff member and is able to maintain several of our insect cultures including sitotroga, lacewings, houseflies and aphytis. She also handles our Despatch proficiently. Corine enjoys life in Mundubbera and spends her spare time reading and riding her motorcycle. She also gives her time to the local SES (State Emergency Service) as a volunteer.

Alberto Guanilo

Alberto checks mite identificationAlberto originally came to Bugs for Bugs for work experience. He studied zoology in his home country, Peru. Subsequently he completed his Master's degree in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Alberto is particularly interested in mites, especially the predatory mites, and is a very competent taxonomist. We were all thrilled when Alberto was recently granted permanent residency in Australia. Alberto is a member of the editorial board for the International Journal of Acarology, a prestigious position for a young entomologist/acarologist. At Bugs for Bugs Alberto looks after much of our R&D work including the development of our new off plant rearing methods developed in collaboration with the world's largest bio control company Koppert.

Barry Walker

Barry Walker hard at workBarry works with us for several months a year on a casual basis. He is a very competent machinery operator and is able to turn his hand to many of the multitudinous tasks that need to be done on a day to day basis in order to keep our operation running smoothly. Barry is hard working and enjoys outdoor activities. He rides his motorcycle on weekends for relaxation.

Renata Beszka

Renata is working with us on a casual basis by helping Renata Beszka helps around the insectarywith a range of essential duties to help keep our operations running smoothly.

She has already learned how to prepare our fruit fly products and organise pumpkins for the scale and mealybug cultures.

Renata is a very welcome recent addition to our team with her great work ethic and beaming smile.

She grew up in Germany and is now living permanently in Mundubbera.


Archie in training for his new role as security officerSince Jack sadly left us for dog heaven several months ago we have been scouring the wanted ads for a suitable replacement. This has not been an easy task but we are very pleased to announce Archie as the latest member of our highly valued team of hard working professionals.

Archie has been appointed as Security Officer for Bugs for Bugs. While this may seem a simple role, Archie's full job description includes:

  • maintaining security for our establishment
  • protecting our cultures from contamination (he has the nose for this)
  • Archie contemplates his next chore......yawn - maybe later!offering our staff a relaxing moment to 'pat the pooch' (an important de-stressing action much recommended by management)
  • keeping unwanted cats at bay
  • maintaining staff morale (who could resist that broad smile and happy disposition)
  • reporting on any staff issues that might arise