What is your pest?

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Mealybugs are sap sucking insects that feed on a wide range of plants. They can increase very rapidly in numbers if unchecked. Typically mealybugs respond well to biological control.

Cryptolaemus as predators of Phenacoccus mealybugs
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3 Responses to What is your pest?

  1. Phil Buck says:

    green citrus bug
    any suggestions

  2. Robert Sorenson says:

    My grapefruit trees (beginning also on oranges)have a white substance
    that collects usually between touching fruit,
    as well as other spots on the fruit and leaves. The trees are then invaded by ants
    who seem to feed there. (or is it the other way around). I am considering spraying with a mild detergent and water to see if this will remedy the problem. There is no damage to the fruit other than a small spot after washing. QUESTIONS: What is it? How to remedy? What do you think of my possible solution? Bob Sorenson in So. Calif.

    • Dan Papacek says:

      Hi Bob,

      The white substance could be one of a number of things, but it is likely that the ants are farming it.
      Unfortunately I cannot recommend any form of control without knowing exactly what the pest is.

      Kind regards


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