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Mealybugs are sap sucking insects that feed on a wide range of plants. They can increase very rapidly in numbers if unchecked. Typically mealybugs respond well to biological control.

Cryptolaemus as predators of Phenacoccus mealybugs
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  • Phil Buck

    green citrus bug
    any suggestions

  • Jim Jeffrey

    Have you got anything to kill our cane toads?

    • Dan Papacek

      Hi Jim,

      HopStop is an efficient and humane means of dealing with Cane Toads.
      I have included a link to further information on our website.
      We do not sell it directly, but it should be available from major hardware chains.


  • Robert Sorenson

    My grapefruit trees (beginning also on oranges)have a white substance
    that collects usually between touching fruit,
    as well as other spots on the fruit and leaves. The trees are then invaded by ants
    who seem to feed there. (or is it the other way around). I am considering spraying with a mild detergent and water to see if this will remedy the problem. There is no damage to the fruit other than a small spot after washing. QUESTIONS: What is it? How to remedy? What do you think of my possible solution? Bob Sorenson in So. Calif.

    • Dan Papacek

      Hi Bob,

      The white substance could be one of a number of things, but it is likely that the ants are farming it.
      Unfortunately I cannot recommend any form of control without knowing exactly what the pest is.

      Kind regards


  • Doug wynd

    Need to control codling moth in Apple tree. Do not wish to spray any chemicals

  • http://www.eurambeen.com.au Sarah

    Red Legged Mites in the veggie garden

    • Dan Papacek

      Hi Sarah,

      We do not have anything to combat Red Legged Earth mite.


  • Amanda rouland

    I am after some beneficial namatodes for the control of termites. Do you supply this

    • Dan Papacek

      Hi Amanda,

      We do not have anything for termites, however if you contact Ecogrow they should be able to help.

      Kind regards


  • Dora

    Hi Dan,
    I need something to eliminate fleas in dogs and around the house. Have Beneficial nematodes in USA for that,but can not find anything here.. What to do? Also those wasps for control of nuisance flies – are they really good, shall I buy and release them now?

    • Dan Papacek

      Hi Dora,

      I believe that Ecogrow produce some Nematodes that can be beneficial against fleas.
      Spalangia wasps can be very effective against house and stable flies.
      It is recommended that Spalangia be released when fly activity increases around the start of spring, and regular releases be made until fly activity decreases again with the onset of cooler weather.


  • chris

    lace bugs are absolutely running wild and giving our leptospernum`s hell

  • Charles Mitchard

    I have been hit very heavily by aphids both on the cucumbers (had to destroy so heavy) and currently my water cress and bok choy.
    I’m limited because its an aquaponic system

  • Craig D

    Thinking of breeding ladybirds any advice?

  • CC

    Hi Wes – what kills aphids on my Dancing Lady Orchid? i tried incesticidal soap but they keep coming back and are now flying around! will Ladybirds eat them? Does the incesticidal soap hurt Ladybirds too? tks, CC

  • Kim Hunt

    White louse scale and monolepta. What is the best time of year to purchase / release chilocorus to help control the white louse scale in our lime trees and is there anything that can help with the monolepta which seem to come in late spring early summer and devastate the new growth on our orange and feijoa trees.

    • Dan Papacek

      Hi Kim,

      It is best to release Chilocorus during the warmer months, as soon as pest activity is evident.
      I am not aware of anybody producing a beneficial insect for Monolepta.


  • Joe

    Small ants are infesting my lawn any ideas?

  • Brian Gowenlock

    I have potted Lime & Lemon trees and both are infected with Leaf Miner.
    Also have ornamental Palms suffering from Mealy Bug.
    Will Cryptolaemus solve both problems or is there a better solution for Leaf Miners?

  • Bonny

    Hi I have frogs in the garden so I don’t want to spray. I have lace wings in my azaleas and scale on my orange tree. What can I do now that we are coming into the colder months. Also have aphids

    • Dan Papacek


      The cold weather should reduce the Scale & Aphid populations significantly.
      It would be beneficial to introduce more Lacewings for the Aphids when you see them becoming more active in Spring.
      Lacewings may also help with the scale; depending on which species it is.


  • Jackie

    Hi Wes/Dan, I have curl grub underneath the mulch and in the soil around some of my fruit trees and consequently these couple of trees are not growing as quickly as expected. Are nematodes the best solution? Also I have harlequin bugs which get into everything. Are assassin bugs a natural predator of harlequin bugs and if not, do you have anything that is?

    • Dan Papacek

      Hi Jackie,

      We do not have anything for Curl grubs nor Harlequin bugs.
      EcoGrow may be able to help with the Curl grub.
      Their website is http://www.ecogrow.com.au/index.html


  • Melissa Cox

    Hello. My house has borers, the common type. Do you have anything to deal with them? I’d much prefer something that isn’t chemical and nasty for humans. Thanks.

    • Dan Papacek

      Hi Melissa,

      Unfortunately none of our insects will be any use against you borers.